R & D – Realization of Innovations through effective Research and Development

Successful IP claims are important assets for any company. However, novel claims only come via proper Research and Development. That is why we help clients to realize such claims through proper stages of R & D to produce proof of concepts. The whole R & D process is aiming to prove the claims and at the same time determine a lucrative application. Within the R & D process materials, exploration and innovative process developments are some of the endeavors we undertake often in Protoking to facilitate the POC process.



Affordable innovation for an expensive solution

The seamless integration of electronics into plastics has become the new front for product development, as the industry looks for ways to miniaturize and cost down. There have been many innovations in these areas but molding in an RFID chip remains expensive and prohibitive.

Catering for the popularized use of RFID chip, we started our research and development on unconventional In-Molding technique and succeeded In-Molding a low-cost RFID chip without overheating the components, which are very sensitive to high temperature. This means that the embedded RFID chip can now be manufactured at a significantly lower cost, without resorting to the expensive ceramic RFID chips, which are resistant to a higher temperature.



Simplicity at its finest!

NOU’s modular body allows building almost any structural configuration you can imagine. Uses of NOU range from seating to corporate or storage purposes.

Our custom-build joints lend NOU furniture to provide structural security while providing interesting design elements to the structure through customizable colors.

NOU makes use of our very own paper tubes called Tubex, which was originally used to create paper-pallets for industrial-scale logistical operations. It was essentially made out of recycled paper and possesses the strength to support extremely heavy loads.



Transforming ordinary bicycles into hybrid e-bikes

The Copenhagen Wheel transforms ordinary bicycles into hybrid e-bikes while functioning as a mobile sensing unit. It systematically captures the energy dissipated while cycling and braking, saving it later for a boost for the ride.

MIT Senseable Lab engaged us to fabricate the Copenhagen wheel cover. It was a challenge which was restricted by conventional prototyping and machining methods, specifically the undercut slots which cater to the wheel spokes. We devised an unconventional fabrication thought process with a highly customized cutting tool, that eventually solved the problem.



Bringing natural elements up into the plane

Long haul flights have always been a dreaded experience for most people. The aircraft's interiors are mostly mind-numbingly plain and sterile-looking. SHALEIGH was conceived to expand the passenger’s subconscious environment, by bringing natural elements up into the cabin with them.

Ideas associated with stones, wood or ceramics are often associated with being ‘on the ground’, by bringing these ideas up to the skies we make the flying experience interesting and comfortable for those who get a little uncomfortable in the plane.