In the intricate landscape of product development, prototypes stand as essential milestones. Yet, the challenge often lies in discerning which prototypes align with specific objectives, leading to substantial resource wastage.

To alleviate this uncertainty, we've streamlined the prototype classification into five distinct types:

  1. Aesthetic Prototype (Prototypes with focus on the aesthetic features)

  2. Presentation Prototype (Prototypes that helps explain your idea in a presentable way, used typically for board meetings or to Investors)

  3. Proof of Concept / Functional Prototype (Prototypes that are focus on the mechanical aspect of the product, as the name suggest it is used to proof your concept or design of specific features)

  4. Beta Prototypes (Prototypes that are fully functional and are 90% close to the actual called for design)

  5. Pre-production Prototypes (Prototypes that are built for final checking before loading for mass production)

This strategic classification not only simplifies decision-making but also optimizes resource utilization, ensuring that each prototype serves a purpose in advancing the product development process efficiently.

General Prototyping Service

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We have also created a check list to help you below:

  1. Attach the 3D CAD file for the item you wish to prototype in STEP (STP) format.

  2. What is the purpose of this prototype? This will help us recommend you possible lower cost options.

  3. How would you like prototype to be fabricated?

    • 3D Printing (please indicate SLA/SLS)

    • CNC

    • Vacuum casting

    • Thermal forming

    • others

  1. Please indicate what material do you wish to use.

  2. Please indicate the finishing of your prototype.

(eg. painting, electro plating, anodizing etc. if there's a

specific color requirement, please indicate pantone code)

  1. For PCBs prototype, kindly furnish Gerber file, BOM list, Assembly Drawings and pick place info.

  2. Please specify quantity for each prototype.

  3. Last of all, where do you want to receive the prototype. Please indicate your address clearly.

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At Protoking, we specialize in a diverse range of prototyping services, seamlessly navigating materials from plastic to metals. Our expertise spans various techniques, including 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal stamping, vacuum casting, thermal forming, and more. Additionally, we excel in PCB prototype development and batch fabrication.

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  • Comprehensive Prototyping: We handle a wide spectrum of materials and techniques to bring your ideas to life.

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