We are an Innovation accelerator highly skilled in design, prototyping and manufacturing . Linking clients to commercial partners and investors to speed up your business.

Our Founder, Mr. Garrick Soon, holds prestigious certifications from MIT (USA) in Design Thinking for Innovation and Harvard University in Technology Entrepreneurship - navigating the journey from Lab to Market. These credentials underscore our commitment to excellence and innovative approaches, ensuring that our leadership is well-equipped to drive transformative solutions and bridge the gap between cutting-edge ideas and successful market implementation.

Our Background

Innovation Accelerator

2016 - Present


Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing

2000 - Present

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man standing in front of group of men
Knee Transplant Surgical Guide
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a letter g is shown in the middle of a photo


Committed to continuous improvement, we embarked on a transformative journey for a series of medical instruments, preserving their core functionality while enhancing every aspect from design to fabrication.

Leveraging our expertise in fabrication techniques and profound understanding of material characteristics, we innovatively engineered an alternative. By incorporating a sheet metal and plastic housing, we successfully replaced the originally cumbersome, costly, all-metal structure. The result was remarkable: a new design that slashed the product's weight by 90%, all while maintaining structural integrity and functionality. This breakthrough not only lightened the load but also contributed to an impressive 80% reduction in part costs, demonstrating our dedication to delivering solutions that transcend industry norms.

Spine Insertion

Precision-crafted Cavity Insert Mold, meticulously designed for spine insertion, exemplifies our expertise in designing and fabricating for the medical industry. We prioritize excellence, ensuring compliance with rigorous standards such as ISO 13485 and FDA regulations, demonstrating our commitment to the highest quality in the pursuit of innovative solutions for medical applications.

With a specialized focus on the medical field, our expertise in fabrication solutions is unparalleled. Leveraging our profound understanding of manufacturing processes and material attributes, we adeptly address the unique challenges faced by our clients in creating spinal insertion cavities. Our commitment goes beyond resolving fabrication issues; we ensure strict adherence to the highest standards for medical products, demonstrating our dedication to delivering innovative solutions with uncompromising quality.


Unique concept with an innovative design for manufacturability

Roceso's Finger Therapeutic Device pioneers the use of soft robotics actuators to aid stroke patients in finger exercises. The innovative design of the Finger Actuator not only preserves the uniqueness of the concept but is also tailored for seamless manufacturing without compromise.

While the initial 3D printed prototype validated the concept's efficiency, its intricate design posed challenges for conventional manufacturing methods. The distinctive shape, integral to its functionality, could not be altered.

In response, our Design for Manufacturability solution not only overcame the hurdle of making the design production-ready but also retained the remarkable and efficient functioning concept. This achievement not only meets manufacturing requirements but ensures the continued success of the device in its therapeutic application.

Covid-19 Breathalyzer Kit

Amidst the challenges of the 2019 COVID-19 pandemic, we embarked on a mission to explore the adaptability of an NTU innovation for the critical purpose of COVID testing. Following comprehensive discussions with the research team and a thorough review of presented papers, we confirmed the feasibility of this transformative application.

In a race against time, we endeavored to craft a breathalyzer kit within a tight 4-week timeframe, tailored for presentation to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID). Guided by ISO13485 and FDA requirements, our design phase included meticulous considerations for the highly contagious nature of the virus. Taking into account user behavioral patterns for both medical personnel and test subjects, our team went the extra mile to address disposal safety, cross-contamination risks, and implement digital identification and tracking features. This holistic approach ensures not only accuracy in testing but also prioritizes the safety and efficiency needed in the battle against the pandemic.